Dog Walking

Dog Walking Service in Marin County, CA

Dogs are often called man’s best friends, and your pet is a valuable member of your family. However, if you work a regular 9-5 job, you probably worry about leaving your dog for such a long period. While you’re at work, your dog is stuck in the house, unable to exercise or use the bathroom like they need to.

At Other People’s Pets, we understand how important your pet is to you, and we want to help you care for them when you’re not able to. That’s why we offer dog walking in Marin County, CA. If you live in the area and are interested in a dog walking service, read on to learn more about Other People’s Pets.


Our Dog Walking Services

You have probably seen a dog walker around town, wrangling five or six dogs at once. At Other People’s Pets, we want to take good care of your dog and give them the attention they deserve. That’s why we walk only one dog at a time—or if you have two dogs, we can walk them both at the same time. But you do not have to worry about your dog interacting with other dogs in the neighborhood.

We will also text you updates along the walk so you can see photos and videos of your dog enjoying the outdoors. Depending on your pet’s needs, we will tailor the route to them. If you have an older dog who tires more quickly, we will focus on short walks around the neighborhood. If you have a young, large dog who needs a lot of exercise, we will take them on longer walks to use up their excess energy.

For more information about our dog walking services in Marin County, CA, contact Other People’s Pets by calling +1 (619) 992-3542.